April 29, 2008

Lightning's Girl Strikes Again

Hey there - I will be DJing again at Ipanema in Richmond, VA on Saturday, May 24th.

What - Yeah-Yeah Girl night (girl group records from all decades / from all over the plantet, 60's rock / psyche /garage, Tropicalia with a touch of who knows what thrown in. I DJ alone all night, ladies are offered drink specials and chocolate if they are lucky. Boys are more than welcome. I can promise you great girl watching and the coolest ladies in town will be out in full force.

Where - Ipanema - 917 W. Grace St, RVA

When - May 24th (Memorial Day Weekend!!!) 11pm -2am

Who - ME! (And seriously the ladies of Ipanema alone are worth the night out)

I will post about this again closer to the date as a reminder but for those of you who had talked about making the hike to see me from out of state, I wanted to give you plenty of warning.
Hope to see you there!

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