April 21, 2008

Clinic - Do it!

Artist - Clinic

Title - Do It!

Hometown - UK

Label - Domino

Street Date - Out Now

The Hits- "Memories", "Shopping Bag"

RIYL - All the other Clinic records, classic 60's garage rock like The Seeds, Tomorrow, or The Count Five, early Stones, Pebbles Comps.

Even if their style is an immovable feast Do It! sounds like they took a time machine ride with Twink and recorded something so real deal vintage that it could fool even the biggest 60's garage collector into thinking they might have unearthed a rare gem.

Fuzz pedal enthusiast be warned, Clinic have a guitar tone so crisp and warm that you will weep for joy as you bask in it's magnificent reverberating overdrive. I don't know when Pebbles is doing their next collection but I think Clinic have earned their way into the garage / psych classic series.

Tunnel vision has never sounded so visionary.

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