April 29, 2008


Grand Theft Auto IV hit the shelves this morning and the excitement in the gaming world is at an all time high. But, there is an underlying reason to be excited about this games release. In line with the previous installments of GTA games, the soundtrack is provided in the form of 'radio stations' that you can 'tune' to. Well, Rockstar games has given old-school hardcore heads like me another reason to grab this game. New York Hardcore legend, and Murphy's Law front man, Jimmy Gestapo has HIS OWN STATION!!

Yep, none other than Jimmy Spliff is the DJ/Host of the L.C.H.C (Liberty City Hardcore) station. This makes total sense since the Liberty City that the game takes place in is actually a virtual N.Y.C. And if we know anything about the GTA series, it will be old N.Y.C., not the new 'Disneyland' version.

The small bits of info regarding the track listing for this station only add to the excitement. Here are some of the tracks confirmed in the game:

Raw Deal/Killing Time - "Telltale"
Underdog - "Underdog"
Maximum Penalty - "All Your Boyz"
Murphy's Law - "A Day In The Life"
Bad Brains - "Right Brigade"

I just hope that there are button combos for classic hardcore dance moves like:
'picking up change', 'starting the lawn mower', and 'the pizza guy'.
Some of which are demonstrated in this Sick Of It All video:

Other hot stations in the game include:
Dj Premier's The Classics 104.1 spinning old school hip-hop
Iggy Pop's classic rock station
As well as a Funk and Afro-beat station
Also, the ever creepy Juliette Lewis has her own station.

Living a virtual life of crime never sounded soooo good!


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  2. I have to get this game. I was on the fence , but now I am all over it. Bustin' shit up NYHC style !

  3. When aren't you bustin up NYHC style?

  4. Only when I'm sleeping :P