April 12, 2008

A Klaus Dinger/Krautrock Drum Mix

The press covered the death of Neu! drummer Klaus Dinger this past week. There are plenty of great obituaries for Dinger as well as articles about the influence of Neu! on today's music. Inspired by the news, I spent a couple of hours with Google and my iPod digging up artists inspired by Dinger's original style of drumming.


FYI, critics labelled Dinger's styles as 'motorik'. However, Dinger never liked that label. “That sounds more like a machine, and it was very much a human beat,” he said. “It is essentially about life, how you have to keep moving, get on and stay in motion.”


  1. How is motorik not a band name? I think we need to start up a prog rock band pronto!

  2. PS: Your kick ass mix is much needed. I am wearing myself out on too much grunge. Thank you!!!!

  3. I am slowly stockpiling an arsenal of electronics - I've even dusted off my old Concertmate MG-1. Soon I will be ready to unleash an army of bleeps, bloops, beats and buzzes.