April 7, 2008

New Orleans Part 1

Last week I took my first trip to New Orleans. The only really frustrating part of the trip was how off our "updated post Katrina" travel guide book was. My husband and I looked forward to book and record shopping but sadly many of the shops listed were long gone. Not just because of hurricanes but because record shops are closing left and right every month.

I am still wondering how book stores survive there in the first place considering many of the books we purchased warped like mad from the humidity in our hotel room. My guess is the answer is air conditioning all year round.

That being said I will posting a few New Orleans pictures relating to two of my passions - records and books.

We spent 4 days hunting down record stores and managed to only find 2 decent shops plus 1 on it's last leg (literally shutting its doors the day we were there) and 1 disgraceful store that had signs up which basically stated "prices on the records may change at your point of purchase". What the fuck is that? What business other than a flea market changes their prices on a whim and per customer? Even worse, the store which shall remain nameless was a total dive and 90% of their records were in GOD AWFUL shape. TheLPs looked ice skated upon, many of the covers unglued and most were grossly overpriced. F that.

On our last day in town we explored one of NOLA's famous graveyards and came across this monument / grave. With the words music business inscribed in it, I felt like hugging it and proclaiming ain't that the truth.

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