April 6, 2008

Health - Live at the Camel in Richmond, VA - 4/6/08

Health is a noise band from LA, CA that take Swans like tribal like percussion and blend it into a chaotic bashing of guitars, vocals, and keyboards which are all then run through a million billion pedals. So loud. So good. So happy I dragged my lazy ass out of the apartment to see them.

Well not actually see them because I am 5 ft nothing and couldn't see anything through the sea of people.

I end up taking pictures of band gear after a show because A) there are plenty of live shots of bands in action already B) as a verically challenged individual it isn't easy to snap pictures of a band playing C) What can I say, I am a techy at heart.

The photo through legs was the only hint I could get of what the band was actually up to - lucky for me they spend a great deal of time on the floor.

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