April 29, 2008

Quick, what do you think?

Ok, some quick thoughts on some recent CD's that came into my possesion:

THE MOST SERENE REPUBLIC - POPULATION (ARTS & CRAFTS): Suprisingly good. I didnt care for the 1st MSR album. It felt like teenagers pretending to be Broken Social Scene. Oh wait, that exactly what it was. This one is much, for lack of a better word, calmer. Sounds like a two piece instead of 19 people.

FIRE ENGINES - HUNGRY BEAT (CARPARK): I should like this, but i have heard everything that followed it so it sounds dated to me. Not their fault, i am just young. Sorry Scottish people.

MUM - GO GO SMEAR THE POISON IVY (FATCAT): They just havent done it for me since Please Smile My Nose Bleed (one of my favs). Interesting but wont get more than 1 listen a year.

YELLE - POP-UP (CAROLINE): This would be HORRIBLE if it was in english. But is is in French and it is fantastic. I cant explain. Its just a fact. I highly recommend it.

SUPERGRASS - DIAMOND HOO HA (EMI): No. They've lost 'it'. They only had 'it' for a short time, but its gone. Plus Gaz (thats his name right?) looks like a Fraggle. Good or bad depending on your disposition.

LOS CAMPESINOS! - HOLD ON NOW YOUNGSTER.. (ARTS & CRAFTS): Infectious. Usually hype bands melt in my mouth like so many candieeees, but i have listened to this about 3 times in the last couple days. Always great when you can feel a bands energy through a recording.

VA / NIGERIA 70 (STRUT): Nigerian 'funk' thats more reggae influenced than anything. Ok, but i would recommend the Nigeria Special 2 CD that came out recently. That one is a party starter. http://www.amazon.com/Nigeria-Special-Highlife-Afro-Sounds-Nigerian/dp/B000WM8IAU/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1209528800&sr=8-1

DIZZEE RASCAL - MATHS + ENGLISH (DEF JUX): Stupid XL. Why they put his last album out in the US as a digital download only i will never understand. Lets ask my 8-month old daughter Beatrice what she thinks of that decision:

Good one Bea, thats how i felt too. Give me options! Thanks Def Jux for putting out this new Dizzee Rascal. It is great. Second only to Roots Manuva in my book.

Thats all i got.

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