April 13, 2008

Speaking of the Blake Babies

The Blake Babies were a fine roll model for me post high school. At the time I was trying to figure out how to be a girl who made music when I wasn't interested in being like the girls in L7, Babes in Toyland, Bikini Kill, The Lunachicks, or Hole. I tried dreads. I tried wearing velvet dresses with barretes in my hair. I tried the trademark Olympia riot grrrl look but it never felt right. In the end I just wanted to be me.

Kim from Jawbox, Jodie from Hazel, and Laura from Superchunk -along with the ladies of the Blake Babies (to name a few) helped to remind me that you didn't have to be a comic book character of a girl to play music. I love all the bands I listed in the first paragraph but I never related to them as a girl who just wanted to play music and not worry so much about an image or politics.

Star is my favorite song by the Blake Babies and here is a live version.

I had never seen this video until today. Dang! What up Even Dando?

PS: Posting during the Stanley Cup Playoffs won't be easy this week but I will try my best to keep on top of things. Then again if Washington or NJ get pushed out early I may have all the time in the world. I bet you didn't know I love hockey as much as I heart metal, twee, glitch, indie guitar pop and shoegaze.

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