April 15, 2008

This is a good one : more love for all that is Sub Pop related

Here I am in my late teens rocking out up front to The Afghan Whigs at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ somewhere between 1989 and 1992. Check out my winning combo of tights, cut offv/ rolled up denim shorts, and an oversized XXL long sleeve black shirt. I can't recall what my shoes were but I can assure you they were more than likely converse high tops. I haven't got a clue why this picture was taken, who it was taken by, and why I own a copy of it. Again a fine example of my memory not at work.

What ....like you were wearing something better that year?


  1. I spy with my little eye:

    - Dave Hoskins
    - Mike Simmonetti
    - Some Random Supermullet

    Also, I was at this show and you have one guess why I am not in any pictures. (doorguys need love too!)

  2. Simo? Where? Otis Ball is the person to my right. And I totally never realized Dave was in the picture - that rules!

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  4. Are y'all talking about Mike Simonetti who runs Italians Do It Better and Troubleman? He makes some mean mixes.

    And Tracy, it totally looks like there's an airbrushed cigarette between your fingers in the pic.

  5. That is the Mike Simmonetti that I am speaking of, but alas, he does not appear in this photo.