April 7, 2008

The Video Nasties

I had a bit an an Anglo 7" thing going on this past rainy Sunday. I order from Rough Trade just about monthly and while the CDs end up in my computer as I work during the week, my vinyl tends to sit around collecting dust until the weekends. There has been a pile of singles lined up along the side my couch just waiting to be debuted on my Stantons and I was pleased to finally have a nice sit down and give them some proper attention.

Between my frenzy of on-line record buying sprees and the delayed time it takes to actually make it to my record player, I often face this one question. "What the hell is this?" The Video Nasties "Karl Blau" EP isn't one I regret ordering but with my memory being the piece of crap that it is, I can't for the life of me remember what lead me to this band in the first place. Hmph. (shrug shoulders here)

There is a sliver of Jay Reatard about some of the The Video Nasties material only minus the blood and spirit of Devo. The other half of their songs remind me of a less whiskey soaked version of The Walkmen. They whip up a lo-fi ruckus you can sing along to-and for you garage pop people this might quench your melodic noise needs. They aren't the second coming of The Replacements but maybe after enough years of playing together their rock and roll training wheels will come off and they could reach their peak ...but will take a lot of reckless drinking and way more cynicism to get there.

This isn't a buy now or buy later single. This is more of a hope you hear them on your local college radio station a few times and look forward to their next record. There is a very good chance it will be worth owning.

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